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Me photographing a sunset outside of DeKalb, IL

I am a hazards geographer, atmospheric scientist, and geographic information systems (GIS) analyst with interests in natural hazards and societal impacts, severe and local storms, and geospatial science applications. My research is primarily concentrated on the spatiotemporal changes in meteorological and environmental hazard exposure, future changes in severe weather risk and exposure, and the development of a Monte Carlo tornado and severe hail model that assesses potential damage and losses on the human-built environment. My current research interests are focused on: 1) the quantification of severe weather hazard exposure, risk, and disaster potential for historical and potential future time periods; 2) the relationship between land use-land cover and disaster potential; 3) climate change, future severe weather and impacts on society; 4) severe hail, climate change, and societal vulnerability; and 5) relationships between storm mode, morphology, and hazard production and societal vulnerability.

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