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Ph.D. in Geography, 2016, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

G.I.A. Certificate of Graduate Study in GIS, 2013, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

M.S. in Geography (Meteorology/Climatology/GIS Specialization), 2012, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

B.S. in Geography, 2006, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN



Assistant Professor (Villanova University) - (2016-current)
Instructor (NIU) - (2012-2014; 2015-2016)
Research Assistant (NIU) - Great Journeys Assistantship (2014-2015)

Graduate Assistant (NIU) - Summer Research Opportunities Program for Undergraduates (2012-2013)

Graduate Teaching Assistant (NIU) - Research and Artistry (2010-2012)




GEV 1003 (Villanova) - Geography of Earth's Environments (Fall '19)

GEV 1750 (Villanova) - Geo-Techniques

GEV 3502 (Villanova) - Earth's Weather Systems (Fall '19)

GEV 3590 (Villanova) - Senior Research Seminar

GEV 4700 (Villanova) - Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 102 (NIU) - Physical Geography Lab

GEOG 105 (NIU) - Introduction to the Atmosphere 

GEOG 106 (NIU) - Introduction to the Atmosphere Lab

GEOG 460 (NIU) - Remote Sensing (Lab)

MET 421/521 (NIU) - Advanced Synoptic Meteorology (Lab)

MET 444/544 (NIU) - Mesoscale Meteorology (Lab)

MET 475 (NIU) - Practicum in Weather Analysis and Forecasting


PUBLICATIONS: (Google ScholarResearch Gate)

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